September 2011

M. Institute was invited to attend and present its works at 'Artists' Wakes' at Bury Art Gallery and Museum.

Artist's Wakes


September 2009


Bibliophile is a specially commissioned intervention in Arnolfini's Reading Room catalogue. Accessed via the online terminal in the Reading Room on the second floor of Arnolfini, or through the web, users can participate and contribute to the development of the resource.

Submissions will be available here and through the Arnolfini project website.


Plan & Action: Getting Things Done, Univeristy College Falmouth, March 2009

Commissioned by ProjectBase as part of 'Spaces in Between', and audience development seminar for Arts Council England South West.

A Plan created by a partcipant in the project.


The Library

Made up of its temporary members and submitted bibliographies part of:
The Cover of a Book is the Beginning of a Journey - Arnolfini, Bristol

November 22, 2008 to January 18, 2009

The Library


Plan & Action

A research project to conducted as part of the New Works Programme, Exchange Gallery, Penzance.Plan & Action

Plan & Action


For latest updates please see www.m-institute.blogspot.com


Plan & Action: Getting Things Done. University College Falmouth, March 2009.
Part of 'Spaces in Between', an audience development seminar programme, Arts Council England South West

The Library - Create your own library - Arnofini, Bristol November 22, 2008 to January 18, 2009

Plan and Action - Making artist practice tangible, New Works, Exchange Gallery, Penzance, UK. March 2008

Expectancy Theory - Research Project in the collaborative process
November 2007

Library - Create your own library
July 2007

Radio Club - Building 51 at Happidrome One
July 2007

Build - A series of How To Manuals
April 2007



Pamphlets to date

Plan & Action

Radio Club


'How to' manuals:

Prevent or Survive a Monkey Attack

Land an Airplane in an Emergency

Survive a Volcanic Eruption

Build Your Own Ham Radio

Run 16 Laps of a 100 Metre Olympic Course

Add Power to Your Baseball Swing

Survive a Tsunami

Hit a Baseball

Study Morse Code

Build Your Own Emergency Disaster Kit

Survive a Nuclear War


M. Institute was initiated in 2006 as a portable project that would act as an umbrella or staging ground for projects to be realised. It has been flexible and mutable, been resident in temporary locations from galleries to conferences and with many different collaborators.